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The Green Beautiful

August 9, 2012, 0:00 3887 Author: Inga Esterkina, translated by Marina Shchadnykh klubok.org.ua This time 29 children, aged 7 – 17 from the city and region came to Zaporizhzhia, then to the village of Ukrainka. They lived in camp accompanied by 6 guides

This summer camp could take place thanks to the kind donation of 18,000 hryvnyas (2,217 US dollars) from Nescafe “Ideas Nescafe” project!

We are grateful to Nescafe for supporting our travel projects!

Got to the village of Ukrainka, inhaled freshly smelling air, looked at all the space around, all this quietness and beauty…

Children were playing on the meadow, some of them were sitting among lovely tents under the grove trees listening to the sounds of the bamboo flute, played be one of the young guides.

Because camp director Alexandra Cherednichenko was busy carrying out “Fun Starts” (the children split into two teams and participated in active games), Albert Pavlov told us about children’s life in the camp.

- Our schedule depends on the weather. But we hike every day – either go to the lake, swim, ride a boat … Waking up starts at 7-00 till 7-30… might be 8-00, if a movie was shown in the evening. We also have a projector and a screen is a wall of our house. Yesterday we had a movie “The Green Beautiful”.

Note: “The Green Beautiful” (“La belle verte”) is is a 1996 French film written and directed by Coline Serreau. Produced by Alain Sarde, cinematography by Robert Alazraki.

Like on Earth, life exists on other planets. Progress on one of them leaded to development of telepathic skills, their better understanding of each other and their planet, but at the same time they lost all the progress of technical revolution and were practicing only gathering.

One of the planet citizens named Mila decides to visit the Earth because she was told she was half-earthling. Mila faces civilization, which shocks her: lie, meat consuming, addiction to technology rather that sensual perception. Mila starts influencing people and life on Earth changes rapidly.

All kids activities here, in “Kubok” camp are simple and fun: soccer, rugby, art lessons, body art, juggling classes, swimming, quest of eight stages, scout game “Frontier guard” and or course boat riding. “Kubok” has got a modern inflatable boat for four people. Of course, children ride boat under the supervision and guided by adults.

How many children did “Klubok” introduce to the joys of fresh air?

This time 29 children, aged 7 – 17 from the city and region came to Zaporizhzhia, then to Ukrainka. They lived in camp accompanied by 6 guides. This year guides happened to be all creative – one girl who studies in Mayboroda music school and plays the guitar in the evening, organized children choir in the camp and some of guides are artists of fire theater “Fire Show”.

Children came from Zaporizhzhia and the Mikhailovsky district, from large or adopted families – half kids from the city and half from the countryside.

Albert Pavlov plans to arrange one or two terms for children, and wants to invite children from other places – covering the Zaporizhzhia region as much as possible.

And children will come here, to Ukrainka – a great place, full cooperation with local authorities, who helped with transportation and were interested in life of the camp. Ukrainka is situated comfortably – it’s close to beautiful nature and resort places.

The first camp shift was finished with moving to Arbatska strelka – children were bathing in the sea for three days, building sand castles, collected nice shells for memory and for guide presents, played soccer and volleyball.

How do children and parents find out about the camp?

The “Happy Child” charity foundation has its own database, so parents and children get phone calls, and are informed about the program and terms.

Those parents, who have a possibility, make their modern material input – for example, families with many children can give some amount of products to the camp. Of course, foundation is the main sponsor, but parents’ input is welcomed if possible. And children should know that everything costs labor and money.

Exactly here, in Ukrainka, the foundation purchased some areas. There is planned the building of children's village for families with many children and family type orphanages. While building, experience of the ecovillage Kitezh in the Kaluzhskaya region will be used.

In spite of the similar project in Kalinovka village, it will be a non-state house, - Albert Pavlov notices.

Reminding, that last year with regional authority collaboration and sponsor input the “Happy Child” fulfilled the “Happy Home” project – an establishment of the recreational center for disabled children from orphanage in Kalinovka, the Chernigovsky district of the Zaporizhzhia region. 800 thousand hryvnyas (around 98,450 US dollars) was spent on reconstruction of the Mennonite mansion, where the “Happy Home” is located now.

Now there is one home in Kalinovka and building of the second one is being planned.

This way summer camps of “Klubok” project is a prototype of the Children Village.

…I’ve spent almost the whole day in the camp. And I want to say that the area here is very beautiful and children are polite, good-looking and hard-working.

Whether it's the weather that improves the character or probably the attitude is a great mentor and organizer. Albert Pavlov is confident of a positive influence of walking tours.

There are three more terms of tent summer camp ahead, together with the “Happy Child” foundation – a lot of children from adopted, large or low-income families will enjoy their vacation there.

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