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Outcome of the “Happy Child foundation” activities in 2011

August 17, 2012, 11:00 6748 Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Elena Guda www.deti.zp.ua Last year with your valuable support we managed to help tens of orphans and sick children for a sum about 3 million 185 thousand hryvnas and to continue implementation of important projects


1. Introduction

2. Main sources of donations to the fund

3. Main areas of donations’ utilization

4. Reports about implementation of the foundation programs:

      • Help to seriously sick children of Zaporozhye region

      • Settling orphans in families

      • Help in purchasing equipment for children’s hospitals

      • Help to the children’s home for children with special needs (Kalinovka village, Chernigovka district of Zaporozhye region)

      • Welfare to children’s homes, orphanages and boarding schools

      • Educational program for orphans

      • Activities of the tourist “Klubok” Club

      • Help to large families with low income

5. Our gratitude to the donors and volunteers

1. Introduction

Due to your donations in 2011, “Happy Child” foundation assisted in curing a lot of children; helped orphans to find new parents; helped to purchase important medical equipment for children’s hospitals; to organize excursions and hikes for orphans and children from families with low income; to create a children’s home of a family type in Kalinovka for orphans with special needs and to conduct many other helpful activities.

2. Main donation sources

Table 1: End use of donations


Table 2: Distribution of the foundation expenses by categories in 2011


Help to seriously sick children of Zaporozhye region

In 2011, parents / guardians of 124 children turned for funds, organizational and informational support to the “Happy Child” foundation. All the applicants received help to a variable extent

The following was paid for:

- 14 examinations on NMR-scanner for the sum of 8 315 hryvnas;

- 59 examinations on computerized tomography system for the sum of 75 738 hryvnas;

- 1 examination on positron-emissive tomograph for the sum of 6 220 hryvnas (Moscow);

- laboratory blood sample examinations for the sum of 952 hryvnas;

- medicines submitted to different hospitals of Zaporozhye and Kiev for treatment of particular seriously sick children for the sum of 150 667 hryvnas;

- marrow transplantation for Kristina Voytovych for the sum of 108 440 hryvnas;

- consumables and medicines for operations on elimination of heart diseases for orphans and children from families with poor incomes for the sum of 57 267 hryvnas;

- help to sick children in other areas: purchase of medications; payment for travels to other cities for treatment, a lump welfare for the sum of 116 726 hryvnas.

In 2011, several little inhabitants of Zaporozhye region coming from families with poor incomes required serious heart surgeries related to elimination of heart diseases: Diana Titor, Veronika Tsigankova, Daryna Oleynik. The families of these children were not able to pay for the consumables and medications required for the corresponding surgeries. Each child got a sum from the Foundation funds in the range of 4 000 – 11 000 hryvnas for consumables depending on the complicity of operation and required materials

Also, “Happy Child” foundation has paid for the materials required for heart surgeries for several orphans: O. M., Dasha R., Anastasiya M.

Due to your donations in 2011 we managed to save several seriously sick children whose lives were literally “hanging by a thread”:

Tonya Kisil’

Tonya Kisil’, diagnosed with “Portal hypertension, oesophagus vein bleeding”. The girl has a complicated form of portal hypertension; her hemorrhages were difficult to stop; sclerosing of blood vessels helped but for short time periods. In Ukraine no one was able to help Tonya, due to which situation the child had to be urgently taken to Germany. But the doctors in the German clinic did not undertake to operate Tonya because of a series of indications and sent her to a specialized liver center in Chicago (USA). As a result, on the 29 August of 2011 a very serious complex operation on forming of a temporary shunt was performed in the US, which lasted 11 hours. At this, part of the liver had to be removed because in the process of the operation uncontrolled thrombosis started to develop – fulminant fibrillation in the blood vessels. Tonya stayed for 5 days in critical conditions in the intensive care but she survived. Treatment of the child in Ukraine (possibilities of bleeding control and sclerosing blood vessels) became possible due to donations of many people from Zaporozhye region, the entire Ukraine and a significant contribution of our permanent donator Pavel who paid the bill from the Chicago clinic for 80 thousand USD. At present the girl has come home but she will remain under observation of the American doctors for several years yet.

Kristina Voytovych

Kristina Voytovych, diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. During the entire 2011 the girl was fighting for her life. She underwent several series of powerful chemotherapy, autologous transplantation of the bone marrow in the Kiev center of the bone marrow transplantation; supporting therapy after the main treatment course. All the Ukraine helped the girl to survive because the treatment turned out to be very costly and it became possible due to donations of Ukrainian enterprises and private persons. 372 224 hryvnas of donations were obtained for Kristina’s treatment and they were used to pay for examinations, chemotherapies, supporting therapy, blood preparations and the bone marrow transplantation itself.

Julia Kovdrya

Julia Kovdrya, diagnosed with “long QT syndrome”, arrhythmia with sudden stops. In 2011 one more girl obtained hope for life. All Ukraine collected funds to replace batteries in the cardioverter that “actuates” Julia’s heart in case of its stop: the family was not able to collect the required sum on their own. As a result, 122 697 was obtained from our donors within several months; the device was paid for, was installed and at present Julia’s heart is out of danger.

Unfortunately, several children are not with us any more, but their parents, doctors and donors did their best to save them: in 2011 Vika Kozeleva, Bohdan Nelypa, Nikita Shepel, Kristina Babura and several more children passed away: their bodies was not able to fight severe illnesses any more. The help given to these children was not in vain: it extended their lives side by side with their dearest people and helped them to fight pain and despair.

In general, “Happy Child” foundation and all our donors wonderfully succeed in working together! Due to your trust and continuous donations to the foundation’s fund and charitable boxes the foundation has a possibility to help with payments for examinations and treatment of seriously sick children from Zaporozhye region in cases when financial possibilities of their families expire. Thank you for your cooperation! Thank you for not staying indifferent!

Settling orphans in families

At the beginning of 2011 we completely brought everything concerning adoption/ guardianship/ adoptive families/ children’s homes of a family type into correspondence with the normative and legal basis. In March 2011 we managed to conclude an official contract in part of interaction with the Children’s affairs Service of the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration (earlier we cooperated on the basis of verbal understanding). Due to this contract, search of orphans on our web site by potential foster parents was optimized due to publication of the orphan profile numbers by the Department of the Adoption and Children’s Rights. However, it has been almost a year since the electronic database in our Service stopped working due to technical reasons. We were not able to present a computer for them due to requirements of the new anti- corruption Law. Nevertheless, the interaction system at present is improving again.

Also in 2011 together with photographers we visited 3 boarding schools where we took good quality photographs for the Service intended for personal files of orphans and children deprived of parental care.

During 2011, 32 new profiles of orphans were published on our web site (including double and triple ones for brothers and sisters); 18 from these children found their new families.

In 2011 we concluded an agreement with Zaporozhye TV and Radio Company about placing their video stories about children who need families on our web site. This arrangement was a success but at present we have to suspend this cooperation.

Also, we regularly participated in contests on training – retraining of foster parents, parents-educators and unrelated guardians, which were organized by the Zaporozhye Regional Center of Social Services for Families, Children and Youth; we advised and supported foster parents and took part in round tables, workshops, meetings held both in Zaporozhye and other places (Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev).

An irradiator and orthopedic footwear were purchased for the group of HIV-positive children in the Infant Home “Sunshine”.

Help in purchasing equipment for children’s hospitals

Results of different treatments and saving children’s lives in many respects depend on the availability of advanced medical equipment. Supplying children’s hospitals with necessary computer and electrical appliances is not less important.

In 20011 “Happy Child” Foundation continued active work in these areas.

Cardiology department of Zaporozhye regional children’s hospital got its first cardio monitor 29 700 hryvnas worth.

Very important components for breathing apparatuses for the total sum of 6 397 hryvnas were purchased for the reanimation ward of Zaporozhye regional children’s clinic hospital.

Non-typical Christmas present was received by the newborn babies from the reanimation ward of the Zaporozhye Children’s hospital #5 – a lamp to cure jaundice, 8920 hryvnas worth.

One more very important medical device – a day’s monitor of blood pressure changes – was purchased at the cost of 17 000 hryvnas and submitted to the cardiology department of the Regional children’s hospital.

Zaporozhye children’s hospital #1 got a new computer.

Surgery department of the Regional children’s hospital was provided with an electrocoagulator 41 500 hryvnas worth.

A probe for B-scanning for the USI device 29 770 hryvnas worth was purchased for the ophthalmologic department of the Zaporozhye regional children’s hospital.

A centrifuge for bacteriologic laboratory was purchased for the Regional children’s hospital.

Traumatological department of the Zaporozhye regional children’s clinic hospital got a reliable support for the doctor’s work – a new system unit for their computer.

A new refrigerator was purchased for the bacteriological laboratory of the Zaporozhye regional clinic hospital.

A device required for sterilization of equipment and surgery instruments 9270 hryvnas worth was purchased for the traumatological department of the Zaporozhye regional children’s clinic hospital.

Help to the children’s home for children with special needs (Kalinovka village, Chernigov district of Zaporozhye region)

Opening of the first family-type children’s home for 9 children with special needs took place in Kalinovka on the 1st of December, 2011

The reconstruction process took about a year; the cost of it together with the furniture and the hall equaled about 900 thousand hryvnas. The possibility to implement the project appeared due to support of donors from Ukraine and other countries; due to the Foundation cooperation with the Fund of Labor Management and Social Protection of public.

At present, several perspective children are able to live in the cozy family atmosphere and to develop their abilities: Alyosha R., Sergey, Sasha, Artyom, Alyosha M., Oleg, little Ruslan and Maksim.

Reconstruction of the building intended for the social adaptation group "Happy Home"....

Welfare to children’s homes, orphanages and boarding schools

The Foundation continues to grant assistance to orphan institutions in those areas in which the state financing is insufficient.

The equipment required for the heating season was purchased for the Orekhov orphanage: 2 pumps with wet rotor for the sum of 4170 hryvnas.

Volnyansk orphanage was provided with floor carpeting for the gym and the sensor room: 128 square meters of the carpeting for the total sum of about 6000 hryvnas.

Besides, there was a decision to purchase books and handicraft materials for the sum of 900 hryvnas.

Also, we purchased 6 memory modules, a hard drive, a commuter for the local network and a net splitter for the sum of about 3000 hryvnas. With such purchases work with contemporary software has become much more comfortable.

Also, 10 mats for fitness were handed over to the gym.

Speaking about our most interesting projects we need to mention the movable playroom. At present it is located in the Boarding school #3. This playroom comprises different developing toys. At present children together with their teachers can spend their free time occupied in constructing castles and transport railways; developing their creative and logic skills.

Due to the Foundation donors we were able to help boarding schools for a sum over 34 000 hryvnas during the accounting period. And certainly, we are sure that each hryvna spent in the project was used to make qualitative changes in the orphans’ lives.

In addition, a UV quartz irradiator was given to the group of HIV-positive children in the Infant Home “Sunshine” by the “Happy Child” foundation.

Educational program for orphans

The “Happy Child” staff and volunteers have conducted several lections commonly named as “How to help a friend from Hoverla” within a set of activities aimed at military and patriotic education of “Zaporozhye Sich” situated on the Khortitsa island.

Together with the educational center “New Hope”, an educational program in part of conduction of repair works was developed and implemented for the children of the Zaporozhye rehabilitation center – boarding school. It helps not only in obtaining skills necessary for men but also to find a suitable profession.

Children from the educational-rehabilitation center learned how to pass customs supervision and had a possibility to feel themselves in the boots of real pilots of the passenger plane YAK-40

20 children from the Zaporozhye boarding school #4 saw the process of making automobiles.

In the frames of the “I want to be…” project pupils from two ninth’ and one tenth grade visited “AutoZAZ” plant.

In the frames of the “I want to be…” project 15 children from Zaporozhye boarding school #3 set off for learning TV professions. They had to find out who was the most important person in TV making. An original site for doing this became Zaporozhye TV channel “Alex”.

On the 14th of November, a large auditorium gathered for a meeting with a well-known traveler Sergey Gordienko: children-romantics from two of Zaporozhye boarding schools, from the “Hope” orphanage and Cossack school “Zaporozhye Sich” and grown up romantics with a distinguished group of journalists-romantics among them.

In the frames of the “I want to be…” project the doors of the one of the oldest in the region and in Ukraine regional TV and Radio Company opened for 10 children from the boarding school #7 and their accompanying persons on the 18 November, 2011.

On the 24 of November in the frames of the “I want to be…” project 25 children from Zaporozhye secondary boarding school №4 visited one of the world leading enterprises on development, production and repair of aviation motors – JSC “Motor Sich”. The trip objective was encouragement of children in further study after they leave school and assistance to children in choice of their future professions.

On the 25 of November, 18 children from the boarding school #7 visited a photo exhibition called “Faces of the world”.

In the frames of the “I want to be…” project children from Zaporozhye boarding school #3 met Vladimir Kirichenko – the teacher of O. Skripochka, a famous cosmonaut, on the 29 November.

Activities of the tourist “Klubok” Club

During 2011, 900 orphans, children from families with low incomes and families with multiple children participated in the club activities: they climbed cliffs, went sightseeing in Crimea, spent several unforgettable days at Bukovel resourt, visited Berdyansk, Khortitsa Island with its tourist and culture points of interest; they also made tours to Kiev and Zaporozhye visiting different exhibitions, museums, theaters and entertainments.

On the 15-18 of March, 20 children from Volnyansk and Zaporozhye boarding school #3 toured the Southern Crimea; they climbed Demerdgy and Ayu-Dag Mountains, visited the Yalta zoo and Polyana Slazok.

In March, 40 children from boarding schools, from foster families and families with multiple children of Zaporozhye region spent five unforgettable days at the ski resort Bukovel and went sightseeing to Lvov.

On the 28 April, 9 children with special needs from the Kalinovka children’s home visited Berdyansk Zoo and had a possibility to see the sea.

In the period of 4 - 8 May 2011 a group of 10 children from the boarding school #3 and seven children from foster families and families with many children visited the most beautiful places in the Western Crimea.

In the period of 8 - 12 July 2011 about 30 children from families with low incomes and multiple children of Kupriyanovsk Village Council of Volnyansk region spent several unforgettable warm and bright days participating in a movable tent camp.

On 22-26 July, 2011, “Happy Child” foundation conducted the second tent camp from the series called “Adventurers". At this time, the camp housed 27 children. They were children from the Kalinovka children’s home staff and children from families with low income and large families frpm Zaporozhye region.

17 children from families with many children and foster families took part in the hike around the Western Crimea in the period of 29 June - 2 July 2011.

On the 9 of August several excursions in the Zaporozhye Cossacks’ museum and the historical and cultural complex “Zaporozhye Sich” were organized for children of the boarding school in the National nature reserve “Khortitsa”.

On the 11 August girls from the Kirov home for disabled girls visited the historical and cultural complex “Zaporozhye Sich” and the Zaporozhye Cossack History Museum, where they enjoyed interesting excursions.

On the 25 August, 2011 children from the Zaporohye boarding school spent a warm summer day on a bank of a legendary Khortitsa island.

On the Ukrainian Independence Day 16 children from Zaporozhye boarding school for boys with learning problems went to celebrate the holiday to the Children’s railway.

On the 26 August, 2011, children from Volnyansk special boarding school and children from Volnyansk families with many children went for an excursion to the Ukrainian capital to have a good time walking around the streets and to participate in an interesting cultural and educational program.

16 children from Zaporozhye region including children from the boarding school ascended the highest Ukrainian point – Hoverla Mountain (2061 m) and organized there a theater performance in the manner of Zaporozhye Cossacks.

On the 24 and 25 September, 13 children from Lyubimovka village of Mikhailovka region and 19 children from Zaporozhye went to the Khortitsa Island to brighten their weekend with new impressions and to participate in a cultural and educational program.

On the 2 October 2011, 17 children of large families with low income from Zaporozhye visited “Vanguard” stadium to become spectators of racing – of both professionals and ordinary drivers-enthusiasts.

On the 9 October 2011, 12 children from educational rehabilitation center – boarding school (former boarding school #3) had a good time during their weekend on Khortitsa Island. They went to the countryside to conquer the cliffs of the legendary island and simply to have a rest in the open air among the magnificent flora and fauna after a week of study at school.

On the 12 October 2011, 41 children from Zaporozhye boarding school for boys went for an excursion to visit cultural places of interest of our city. The children looked forward to this day because it is so seldom that they leave their boarding school boundaries!

On the 22 October 2011, Zaporozhye regional Puppet Theater situated by the Gogol st 60, opened its doors to the children from the boarding school for boys with learning difficulties.

On the 25 October 2011, “Happy Child” foundation together with directors of the city museums and enterprises and parents of the small travelers conducted an interesting excursion around Zaporozhye for children from Elizavetovka, Primorsk region.

In the period of 23 - 26 October 2011 children from Molochansk boarding school and three children from families with multiple children stayed in one of the most picturesque Crimea places – Baydarskaya valley.

Under support of administration of Zaporozhye museum of local history and museum of wax figures from Saint-Petersburg, on the 5th November of 2011, 31 child from families with low income and large families had a possibility to see unique exhibits and learn a lot of useful and interesting things.

In October children from Zaporozhye visited ice skating-rink “Katran”.

Also in October a walk was organized around the Khortitsa Island: ten children of Zaporozhye boarding school # 3, nine children from families with multiple children, their parents and accompanying persons.

In November 2011 children from three boarding schools and children from families with multiple children visited the local history museum and the museum of wax figures from Saint-Petersburg.

In December, 29 children from boarding schools and large families of Zaporozhye region stayed in Bukovel.

Children from Molochansk specialized boarding school had a possibility to turn several pages of the Zaporozhye history having made an autumn trip to the National historic and archeological reserve “Kamyana Mohyla” situated in Melitopol district.

Help to large families with low income

In April 2011 we visited several families with low income, large families and problem families. What we saw produced an unforgettable impression on us. Some families live in houses which look more like pigsties and their Mowgli children didn’t see anything in their lives but their native villages and alcoholic parents.

A family from Chernigov region which was in a complicated life situation got a computer as a present.

The Vlasov family from Zaporozhye which has many children after asking the Foundation for help got a support in the form of different things and food products.


We are grateful to all donors and volunteers for supporting our projects in 2011. Without your help none of our ideas would have been implemented!


the “Happy Child” foundation staff

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