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An Ordinary Miracle or a New Loving Family for a Special Child

October 25, 2012, 12:40 8291 Author: Mariya Semashkina, translated by Daria Sukach www.deti.zp.ua We’re delighted to share our happy news with you – one more child, our unique little Alyosha from the Child’s Home in Kalinovka has been finally adopted

How often do you see people without limbs? Where do you see such people? How do you react to them?

The first person without legs and arms I saw for real is little Alyosha from Kalinovka. Last year I was writing an article about him and could hardly hold my tears back. I sadly thought he was destined to stay in the Child’s Home for the rest of his life.

Well, I watched the video about Nick Vujicic but it rather fills with hope people like me, who have two arms and legs. The example of Nick does not always give hope to people who were born with physical disorders.

I admired the way little Alyosha was rolling on the floor and dealing with toys with the help of his teeth. Every time I visited Alyosha he asked me to exchange his expired batteries in his toys since “music won’t play”. Almost all the musical toys in the Happy Home were bought for him – the favourite and beloved child of all the orphanage stuff and guests. There are many severely disabled children staying in the Child’s Home in Kalinovka. Aloysha, however, is a very unique child. His physical challenges made him look different from everyone else.

I soon noticed that Alyosha enjoys this warm attention to him and shows a great deal of wit and esprit when he needs something. What’s more he is able not only to kick back his offender but to bother someone himself. Once I bought some ice cream for the children and after eating his Alyosha wiped his mouth on my pants! I stopped speaking to Alyosha and this way showing him my discontent. At first, he tried to knock out the chair from my feet with his “hands” but soon he realized it would not change anything and we both stayed distant from each other.

During the visit of our English guests in August Alyosha got as much attention and care from them as any other child and grown up in the orphanage. Except my attention.

Then I travelled abroad for a month. One evening while browsing my Facebook page I read that our hopeless and forgotten child Alyosha seemed to be getting a new family!

Dear Friends, we’re so delighted to share our happy news with you – one more child with special needs (already the second one for the history of the orphanage) from the Chernigov Child’s Home in the village of Kalinovka, our unique Alyosha has been finally adopted!

Now little Alyosha has his warm-hearted mom (just like his formerly adopted mate Sasha) who’s also from the USA. Our unique boy also has a loving dad and four siblings! His American mom is writing that it took her some time to break her new son’s habit of drinking too much water. Logan (this is Alyosha’s new name) likes to swim in the swimming pool. He became a star of his school and he behaves himself very well. He bravely overcame 22-hour flight to his new motherland – the United States of America.

We’re happy to see how harmoniously Alyosha (Logan) became a member of his new beloved family. This little boy shows us a great example of faith that every child has a chance to get a family. We just should believe in miracles no matter what. On the International Day of Praying for Orphans (11th of November) despite your religious beliefs light a candle, please and think of all these children who still look forward to seeing their parents.

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