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Photo reporting: volunteers visit Zaporozhye regional asylum for children

January 14, 2008, 0:05 6966 Author: Irina Kotova, translated by Nataly for www.deti.zp.ua www.deti.zp.ua Before New Year's holidays we have decided to visit a regional shelter for minors and to present them gifts which have sent guys from abroad and have collected usual people with kind heart

Before New Year's holidays we have decided to visit the Zaporozhye regional shelter for minors and to present them gifts which have sent guys from abroad (kahpo from the USA, Elena from United Arab Emirates, Amy from the USA) and have collected usual people with kind heart

There are 64 children in the age of from 3 till 18 years in a shelter at this moment, but the quantity of children constantly varies. Specificity is that children are here about three months, and then their further destiny is solved, it is a boarding school more often. With approach of New Year's holidays, according to the tutors, updating is expected: parents forget about children because of holidays, or show so much attention that is necessary to interfere militias. Some children simply run from unsuccessful parents in searches of the best life. Someone of them still believe in the Father of the Frost and hopes, that will meet him in the street, and he will warm and will present a new, safe life.

Children meet us warm, all tried to get acquainted, especial kids. They differ from children from boarding schools very much; go on contact with pleasure, more often they are the initiators of dialogue. It is very easy with them. It amazed me personally that they are very polite. One boy stretched a hand, named the name and added "Glad to meet you"

However may be their destiny before a shelter, but there is still no that hopelessness in their eyes inherent to the children from boarding schools, they still look eyes of each adult with children's naivety , as though speaking « look at me, I in fact I am the best, I deserve your attention and love ». And some more months they will receive all this from tutors and directors of a boarding school because they treat each child with trembling. Visit all groups, we heard only kind words from tutors and it was not necessary to raise a voice to bridle guys and, the most important, children "heard" them.

Now all in the life of these children depends on the collective working with them, and collective is its director. Olga Nikolaevna Kucher heads it about one year, but for this time much is done, and even more planned. But the help is necessary to realize all that.

The biggest need is REPAIR, and then follows arrangement of groups.

For this purpose are necessary:

• Beds single

• bedside-tables

• Tables

• the Round table for lessons with psychologist

• Chairs in a dining room

• Stools for kids

• Aquariums, cages with birdies for a nature corner

• flowerpots

• the Machine for a haircutting;

• cleaning detergents

Here are personal needs of children:

• Footwear (from 3 till 18 years)

• Underwear, pyjamas, towels

• Now jackets, gloves, caps

• Means of hygiene - pampers (3-4 years), a tooth-paste and brushes, linings

It would be desirable to have in a prosperity in each group:

• stationeries - a color paper, scissors and glue, pencils, paints, felt-tip pens and albums

• desktop and developing games.

But most of all children are in need of us, of people which are ready to share with them their time, who capable to pay to them the attention and simply to be friends.

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Polina Belogurova

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