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Elements of sport & playing ground were installed for orphanage in the Chernigovka

November 23, 2009, 6:00 10049 Author: Albert Pavlov (translated into English by Elena Puhovskaja) Happy Child fund Owing to the donation of Julia K. gymnastic parallel bars, horizontal bars, swing & bench were installed in the yard of Chernigovka boarding school

Owing to the special donation of Julia K. the “Happy Child” Foundation paid for the installation of sport ground elements for Chernigovka boarding school in Zaporozhye region. Gymnastic parallel bars, horizontal bars, a double-seat swing and a long stable bench were installed in the school yard.

Totally, $650 was paid for manufacturing and installation, then 400 hrivnas more for metal delivery from Zaporozhye to Chernigovka (150 km one way).

Together with two tennis tables, installed before, new gymnastic apparatus will make more useful and varied the leisure of children from one of the most distant boarding schools of Zaporozhye region.

In 2008-2009 our foundation has installed 10 metal tennis tables in some boarding schools and orphan houses of Zaporozhye region, and also new gymnastic apparatus and benches were installed for the boarding school No 3 in Kalinovka village.

We are planning to continue the arrangement of sport grounds for boarding schools of Zaporozhye region as soon as our readers will make the endowments for this purpose.

The cost of metal products, relatively, is not high compared with the products from popular companies. For example, the cost of two horizontal bars connected by ladder, installation and painting included - is 900 hrivna, double- seat swing – 2000 hrivna, gymnastic parallel bars – 700 hrivnas.

Everybody can make a feasible contribution into the arrangement of sport grounds for children as a keepsake to remind of them!

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