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Vyhristenko Gregory, 2 years old – Cystic fibrosis with pancreatic insufficiency

October 15, 2015, 17:00 6323 Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Andrei Vernon deti.zp.ua Fundraising is closed! Sincere thanks to all our assistants. Grigory's family moved permanently to another country.

Vyhristenko Gregory, born 29.04.2013

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis with insufficient pancreas

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ATTENTION! AS OF 03.03.2017: Fundraising is closed!

Sincere thanks to all our assistants. Grigory's family moved permanently to another country.


At a first glance, Grisha (Gregory) is just like any other kid his age in appearance and intellect. But the more time you spend with Grisha you realize that he is special. Our little guy is different on the inside and outside.

Grisha is only 2.5 years old, but you can see in his eyes that he has been fighting for good health his whole life. Frequent hospital drips, injections, daily inhalation treatments and a variety of drugs have left their mark.

Children born with cystic fibrosis are by nature gifted with a special intelligence and creative approach to life. Grisha is an example of this – he is more curious and inquisitive than most kids his age. It is very important for him to know what is going on around him. Grisha likes being praised, but gets upset by his own mistakes. Two words that can describe Grisha are initiative and independence.

Unfortunately Grisha has a dark and heavy cloud over him everyday due to this incurable disease. Grisha regularly visits the hospital because even the slightest cold can develop into bronchitis or pneumonia. Everyday he has prolonged coughing fits, intestinal troubles and a strict eating regiment.

In order for Grisha to not deal with all the troubles of his illness he must take a plethora of medications everyday. Grisha needs modern drugs and equipment for his inhalation and breathing exercises. Every month we need about 4,000 hryvnia.

Grisha’s mother, Ksenia, writes about her family and the pain they endure:

“We make every effort to ensure our child has a long and happy life. I am currently taking time off work to take care of Grisha and I spend every minute of my day tending to his needs. Unfortunately, Grisha’s father’s paycheck isn’t enough – we spend all that money on food and medicine. We also have another child that is currently in third grade, but we must spend all of our money on Grisha and we know it shouldn’t be like this. We try our best to keep our children happy and treat them once in a while.”

We are very appreciative of your help. We truly understand and appreciate those that are around us and are not indifferent to our situation. Thank you very much for your help!

The family lives in Dnepropetrovsk.

Ksenia’s (Grisha’s mom) phone number is 097 918 54 95 8

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