Дети Запорожья лого

Zlobina Tatiana, saving on every breath

July 13, 2017, 8:00 1111 Author: Zlobina Tatiana, Olga Vovk The price of each breath is too expensive. Tanya from despair makes a choice in the direction of economy.

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Having read Tanya’s letter, I had a thought: is it really worth it? Life is difficult for most of us at the moment, whereas the media provides an unending supply of horrors and fears. Nevertheless, I cannot keep silent about Tanya’s story. Hence, I’m publishing her letter as is, without editing. Although it’s quite short, I know that it must have taken a lot for her to write it; a story of a single life.

“At present I feel OK. At times, I get strong migraine headaches which don’t allow me to enjoy the summer weather, but I am used to dealing with them. My birthday is coming up soon, there’s no time to feel upset. I’m also getting ready for the [МСЕК] commission and feeling very anxious about it.

In order to save electricity, I’m trying to minimize the use of the oxygen mask and tank? My current record is 8 hours. Although sometimes I overstretch myself and as a result feel bad. Unfortunately, I have to use the mask throughout the night because I can’t sleep without it.

What gives me strength is the love and support of the Fund and all my friends with cystic fibrosis. The care of my friends and family pushes me to fight the disease and stave off depression. I want to tell everyone who is helping me that you are worth fighting for life and hoping for a miracle. I wish that all of your dreams come true and give you inspiration to keep dreaming.”

Tanya really needs our help! Please, don’t ignore this terrible situation.

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