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Artur Kerimov, born in 2011

March 17, 2013, 12:40 248 Author: Vakulinskaya Alina www.deti.zp.ua For two years the family got by with their personal savings, help from friends and loans from banks. Now monthly expenses amount to UAH 2.5-3 thousand.

Kerimov Artur, born on 16.05.2011

Diagnosis: Symptomatic myoclonic epilepsy.

Medical statement: page 1, page 2

There is nothing more excellent, there is nothing more magnificent and so warming to the soul, how to hear the word "mom" in your address. It's priceless…

Irina and her husband have long dreamed of and believed that children's laughter and stamping of feet would be heard in their house, that the family would consist of at least three people. Probably, the Lord heard their dream and gave 2 children at once.

“When we learned that we would have twins, I immediately felt that if there were twins, then it would be“ royal ”, that is, a boy and a girl, and so it happened. But difficulties were already in wait for our family ”, - says Irina.

The children were born with low weight and weak, and they immediately went to intensive care. On the 4th day the baby stopped breathing independently, followed by him on the 5th day the girl stopped breathing independently. Both were put on artificial respiration. After 2 weeks the girl was “tired” of breathing on the apparatus and she cut off the tubes of the apparatus with her hands. There was a positive trend in the acquisition of strength, health and all vital functions. At 2 years old, she not only caught up with her peers in physical and mental development, but also surpassed. Karina is a very athletic, smart and talented girl. He reads many fairy tales from memory, loves Arturchik and takes care of him.

But Arthur ... it was more difficult for him. A 2-year-old baby was diagnosed with symptomatic myoclonic epilepsy.

“Our son turned out to be a real warrior. For 4 months in intensive care, he helped doctors fight for their lives, and later defeated broncho-pulmonary dysplasia, pneumonia and much more. But still, today the child does not walk, does not sit, only fixes his head a little, ” continued Irina.

The main diagnosis of symptomatic epilepsy is the most severe and rare type of childhood epilepsy. Severe convulsions, which could be up to 100 per day, did not allow the child to live normally. All the anticonvulsants that Arturchik took did not remove the convulsions, but only turned the child into a “plant”. Then the attending physician recommended going for a consultation with Professor S.K. Yevtushenko, the most powerful epileptologist in Ukraine. In June 2013, the baby underwent a course of treatment with a professor, where anticonvulsant therapy was replaced.

There are results and this is already a feat. The number of seizures decreased from 100 to 10-20 per day, motor activity became more active.

The child's mom is sure that this is just the beginning! We believe that we can continue to delight everyone with our achievements. But this requires serious financial support. We are slowly but surely moving towards our goal.

All these 2 years, the family managed with their personal savings, the help of friends and acquaintances, and took loans from banks. For 4 months more than 50 thousand hryvnias were spent in intensive care. The last course of treatment with the purchase of new drugs cost them 12 thousand hryvnia.

Now you need to repeat the course of treatment in October. And the monthly expenses for drugs and local rehabilitation are 2.5-3 thousand hryvnia .

“When we have completely removed the cramps, we need to perform 2 operations: remove the inguinal hernia, insert the implant into the ear. And after that - taking courses of serious rehabilitation ".

The child's disability pension is 1,100 hryvnia. Irina is on maternity leave to care for children under 3 years old. In 2011, after the birth of children, the husband was forced to close his business activity, because Irina was often with the boy in the hospital, and dad remains with Karina at home, because all relatives live far away.

Monthly spending on Arturchik:

- Sabril 500 mg

- Levicitam 500 mg

- Sinakten-depot 1 ml

- Bioven-Mono 10% 50 ml

- A course of classes with rehabilitation at home

- Conducting MRI of the brain, etc.

But we believe in Arturchik, we believe that all the efforts that will be made by us will be justified and we will be able to make the boy's life easier. All you need is money.

We know that there are people who are ready to help!

Help cure the boy.

The family lives in Zaporozhye.

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