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Successful August 2020

October 4, 2020, 11:30 598 Author: Albert Pavlov www.deti.zp.ua With your help, Happy Child Fund raised about 1 million UA hryvnias in a month and helped dozens of children in need.

Friends, in spite of the fact that August is the time of holidays, it was a tense time for Happy Child Foundation. Thanks to your activity, a little more than UAH 1 million ($35714) was raised during the month and help was provided to dozens of children.

Here are the most serious results of our collaboration with you:

Taras Krotik

At the beginning of August, a hip joint operation was performed in Kyiv. We bought implants for about 36,000 hryvnias. Three funds participated in fundraising - ours, UBB, and Maya's Hope. The operation was successful. It was not possible to completely equalize the length of the legs, but at this stage, everything possible was done. After a while, there will be another stage of the operation. Taras spent three weeks in the hospital, his temperature constantly rose and his leg hurt. But for a week now, the boy is at home, surrounded by three brothers and parents. His legs are plastered and will remain in this position for several months. Thanks to the operation, Taras will continue to be able to walk, walk without pain.

Vika Chetvertak

Vika cannot sit on her own. For all her 5 years, she almost always lies. Because of this, the joints began to collapse, the legs began to deform.

For children like Vika, it is important to assume an upright body position, and a special device, a verticalizer, copes with this task. The child's legs and body are attached to this device with special soft straps. We bought for Vika for UAH 14,000. a miracle of technology - with a side table and a control panel that allows you to tilt the verticalizer in the desired position. Now Vika spends most of the day in it - she eats, works with her mother, and just watches her little sister.

Ostrovsky Alexander

Partially paid (30 000 UAH - project at UBB) rehabilitation in the center "Loguar" in Odessa. In this center, Sasha learns to speak.


Baby from the neonatal intensive care unit. Thanks to our help, she overcame meningitis. Already went home with my mother. Help provided for UAH 10,000

Orphan Danil

Partial payment for the operation in Germany for the installation of a permanent prosthesis - 100,000 hryvnias (UBB)

The department of anesthesia and neonatal resuscitation of Zaporizhzhia Regional Children's Hospital has purchased a breathing circuit, a catheter for intravenous feeding, medical supplies for a child from a large family M. for a total amount of UAH 4,800. Also, he was paid for a genetic examination at the Zaporizhzhia center for family reproduction - 2 160 UAH.

60 bottles of Aminovena (parenteral nutrition for small newborns) were purchased within the framework of the fund's project at UBB "We are hungry!" in the amount of UAH 25,290.

In August, medicines for cystic fibrosis patients in the amount of more than UAH 120,000 were transferred, special food for children with disabilities and for the Sun was purchased for UAH 60,000. Medicines for the children's department of the Zaporizhzhia TB dispensary for UAH 9,000. and other smaller costs for sick children.

In the children's eco-village we finally connected to the gas system Happy House No. 4 where a mother lives with 7 adopted children, bought another plot in the center of the eco-village (UAH 13,000), made cosmetic repairs in house No. 34 in Ukrainka (this could be a house for graduates, guests, or a small foster family).

We thank all of our donors and partner organizations who helped so many children last month!

Unfortunately, the problems for Zaporizhzhia children will not decrease, and in September we will have to work even more intensely. I would like to remind you that the needs of the neediest children are described in the section that we constantly update.

If you are at a loss with the choice, then you can make an inappropriate charitable donation, and employees use it as efficiently as possible, helping those who need help more at the moment.

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