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Zhenya Sechin: "Help me live to the transplant!"

December 25, 2020, 19:21 148 Author: Natalia Moroz Good news and the support of friends help to keep up the spirits and give hope for the victory over the disease.

Zhenya Sechin

Our Zhenya Sechin received confirmation to pay for bone marrow transplant in Turkey at the expense of the budget! Therefore, without wasting precious time, in early December, Evgeniy and his mother went to the Memorial clinic, Turkey, to conduct an examination and all procedures for further search for a donor. In general terms, Zhenya's condition is satisfactory, he endured the trip normally. According to Zhenya, the medical staff in Turkey is friendly and ready to help with treatment. The conditions in the hospital are excellent. As Zhenya himself says, they do not promise mountains of gold, but there are chances for recovery.

Since December 14, Yevgeny will again go to the Zaporozhye Regional Hospital to resume supportive therapy. The Foundation has already purchased two packages of Venkliksto, 10mg and 100mg, necessary to support the body until the moment of transplantation, with a total cost of 25,000 hryvnia. But this will not be enough for him for the entire period of treatment. For one course, you need three more packs of Venkliksto, 100 mg, with a total cost of 70,000 hryvnia. And no one knows how many more such courses will have to be taken. But they are very important, because Zhenya really needs to hold out until a donor is found for him. Therefore, we again cannot do without your help.

Also, you can support our project «Staying alive till the transplantation», which started on the platform

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