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Maryana Klimenko, born in 2003 - Ewing's sarcoma

January 29, 2021, 22:13 1962 Author: Natalia Moroz Fundraising is closed due to the death of a child! Unfortunately, the girl failed to win the two-year battle with the disease. On October 4, 2021, Mariana passed away.

Maryana Klimenko

Maryana Klimenko, born in 21.09.2003

Diagnosis: Ewing's sarcoma.

News about the treatment of Maryana Klimenko

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ATTENTION! AS OF 10/18/2021 Fundraising is closed due to the death of a child!

Unfortunately, in a two-year struggle with the disease, the girl did not succeed in winning. On October 4, 2021, Maryana passed away.


For almost two years now, instead of studying in college and her beloved photographer, Maryana Klimenko spends her days in the walls of hospitals. She believes that she will soon get better. Mom smiles at her daughter, and at night, sitting next to her in a hospital bed, cries into her pillow. Because he doesn't know where to get the strength to save his girl.

In May 2019, Maryana was ill with purulent sore throat, for the second time in a year. After the treatment, weakness remained, but the family thought it was fatigue due to the end of the school year. Studying in college at the Faculty of Law is hardly easy. In spite of everything, the session is safely closed, ahead is the long-awaited vacation, summer, sea and sun ... In August 2019, severe pains appeared, radiating to the leg, the temperature jumped to 38.5. Doctors treated pinching and inflammation. General blood tests showed some inflammation, but no one would have thought that all this was a manifestation of an aggressive disease.

During the examination, Maryana practically could not walk, experiencing terrible pain and torment. Irina, the girl's mother, recalls: “I still remember that awful day when Maryana and I were on MRI and received the result an hour later. My hands were shaking, I was afraid to read the conclusion. And it was not in vain that my fears were: I read that there were multiple lesions in the bones. What was happening in my soul at that moment, I tried to hide and not show my daughter. After all, she already had a lot of experiences - I had no right to just go limp ”.

When the diagnosis was finally made, they started with chemotherapy. Maryana recalls: “The first chemotherapy block began on my birthday. It was the first birthday when, instead of gifts, I just wanted to live the same life. Now it has acquired special value for me. If this is a test, then it is very difficult and serious. But I love life and want to live!”

Then there was more than one course of "chemistry" at the Cancer Institute in Kiev. Unfortunately, radiation therapy in Kropyvnytskyi did not bring the expected improvements. The parents decided to seek help from overseas clinics. In one of the Israeli hospitals, Maryane was offered an alternative treatment. It is on these recommendations that a new course in the ZOKDB has now begun. Some of the prescribed drugs are available in the hospital, but Temodal has to be bought by ourselves.

Maryana Klimenko

We have already supported Maryana by paying for examinations and two packs of Temodal for the first year. Maryana went through the next chemotherapy course relatively easily. But the body was not quickly restored. Already at home, the girl became ill again, and the walls of the intensive care unit returned to her life. She still has critically low blood counts and high fever. And constant vomiting depletes an already weak body. Therefore, now Maryana urgently needs blood donors!

Support Maryana! She still has so many plans for life!

The family lives in Tokmak, Zaporozhye region.

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