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Kostya Panchenko: fracture trials continue

May 17, 2021, 21:22 114 Author: Yana Lobanok Only seven months have passed since the last hospitalization.

Kostya Panchenko


Kostya Panchenko was back on the operating table. The boy fell off his bike and broke his thigh bone. The turning point for any organism is stress, and for Kostiny it is doubly stress. Due to a genetic disorder, Klippel-Trenone syndrome, the boy's bones heal much longer. Kostya has already gone through this test more than once during planned operations, the last of which was in October last year.

During the operation, the boy's femur was leveled, fixed with a rod, and an external fixation device was installed. For the next few months, Kostya will be immobilized, and then he will have many months of rehabilitation in orthoses and crutches.

We paid for the pre and postoperative treatment in the amount of 620 dollars. Together with you, we helped Kostya get treatment on time, and his family did not fall into despair from constant debts for operations.

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