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Between home and hospital

August 18, 2021, 18:55 467 Author: Natalia Moroz Fundraising is closed due to the death of a child! Unfortunately, the girl failed to win the two-year battle with the disease. On October 4, 2021, Mariana passed away.

Maryana Klimenko

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Despite the all-round support of ordinary people and specialists, unfortunately, it has not yet been possible to finally defeat a serious illness. The life of Maryana is a series of consultations with leading experts, attempts at old and new methods of treatment and recovery after them. Waiting for positive results of the survey and ... new disappointments. Such "sad slides".

On July 16, the next chemotherapy was completed. The foundation purchased a drug to support the body, Votrient, so that he could continue the treatment at home. But already on August 6, due to the deterioration of his condition, Maryash had to be urgently hospitalized in the hematology department of the ZOKDB. Based on the results of the examinations, it was decided to start the next five-day course of chemotherapy with Irinotecan outside the prescribed time limit.

Maryana Klimenko

Mom Irina shares with us: “Maryana is smart, she is an adult girl, she understands everything that she needs to go through, and what consequences are possible. Of course, she, like all girls of her age, dreams of returning to the usual rhythm of life, to sports, to continue communicating with her friends, to start studying. But still, most of all, she wants to go through all the treatment protocols as quickly as possible, hear the magic word “remission” from the doctor and forget this bad dream.”

After frequent intravenous injections in patients, the walls of the vessels become thinner, and the procedure for "chemotherapy" or simple manipulation of drug administration becomes even more difficult. Intravenous drug administration can be a painful and traumatic experience. In addition, some chemotherapy drugs are so caustic that they are recommended to be administered only through the port to protect peripheral vessels. So during the last treatment in the hospital, due to frequent manipulations with the veins, it was decided to supply Maryana with a port system.

Today Maryana is already at home. Blood counts are more or less normal. Hemoglobin is slightly lowered, but we hope that homemade food and a warm family environment will be able to support the girl in their own way. At the end of August, he will continue chemotherapy. For its implementation, the drug Irinotecan is required. He is not in the hospital yet. So again, the only hope is for the help of people.

The cost of one bottle is about 1.5 thousand hryvnia. A total of 20 vials are required.

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