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Urgently! There is not enough $ 380 to buy the drug!

October 27, 2021, 11:00 99 For Olga to be able to withstand such an unstable epidemic situation, another $ 380 is not enough.

Olga Khorlikova

In order for Olga to be able to withstand such an unstable epidemic situation, another $ 380 is not enough. Fundraising for her treatment has been going on for ten month, it is one of the longest and most difficult.

Despite her beautiful appearance, she is on the edge. There is such a concept of "invisible disability": outsiders will never be able to determine by the appearance that a person is terminally ill and is fighting for her survival every day.

Olga Khorlikova

For Olya, every new day is a victory over the disease. Each exacerbation and active pathological flora is an irreversible loss of health. In recent years, our ward has been unable to resist cystic fibrosis, since there is a persistent infection in her body that methodically kills her. Despite the strictest schedule of taking medications, inhalation and kinesitherapy, without Bramitoba, the girl's fight is ineffective and unsuccessful.

In June, Olya began her intensive treatment with expensive but effective drugs. We bought the first block of drugs thanks to our constant assistants, the second block was bought by relatives. Now we need to buy the third block of drugs worth $2885, but alas, there are not enough funds for it. Delay in this situation is not allowed. The drug Bramitoba must be paid by October 30, but it is not enough $380.

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