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Breathe without stopping! Lyosha Oldenburg has a new ventilator!

November 4, 2021, 14:01 564 Several organizations have worked hard to buy new equipment, and hundreds of good people have responded! Charitable Foundation "Happy Child" together with the internet platform dobro.ua also made their material contribution - 5 355 dollars.

Elena Oldenburg shares her joy: “The device is what we needed! I have a little more free time, we do not inhale endlessly, and there is no need to run around with heating pads day and night. In general, I am satisfied with this device, it is clear and easy to set up. Plus, there is a built-in pulse oximeter and nebulizer. And thanks to the presence of an exhalation valve with condensate drainage, we save bacterial filters - 1 less per day. So far, I see only pluses. "

As the doctor who treats Lesha said, the old apparatus was like an old vacuum cleaner. He just pumped the air, not helping much. And this one both gives support and makes the only lung work, inflating the chest more strongly. Naturally, this makes the volume larger and more efficient ventilation. And thanks to good hydration, now the phlegm also leaves more easily.

Breathe without stopping! Lyosha Oldenburg has a new ventilator!

It took half a day to install, but it worked! Yes, and Lyoshyk did not disappoint - he survived, although it was obvious that it was very difficult for him to get used to the new equipment, but now it is easier. As Elena says, we all passed the test of patience and achievement of the goal together - Leshik, me, my husband, our beloved doctor and chief engineer!

It is still difficult to determine the further costs of supporting the operation of the ventilator; it takes time. But it is definitely necessary to immediately purchase an additional set of breathing circuits. Then you can change them monthly for sterilization. The cost of a set is 280 dollars.

Also, Leshik always needs help with medicines, special food and consumable hygiene materials (washing creams, foam shampoo, large wet sanitary napkins, diapers)

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