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Alexey Oldenburg, born in 2008 - Duchenne myodystrophy

July 7, 2021, 19:30 1493 Author: Natalia Moroz Lyosha knows that his life is directly dependent on equipment, and is very afraid of being left without oxygen. Please help him live without fear!

Alexey Oldenburg

Alexey Oldenburg, born in 01.02.2008

Diagnosis: Duchenne myodystrophy.

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Lyosha is 13 years old. His room is more like an intensive care unit than a teenager's dwelling.

Artificial lung ventilation apparatus, aspirator, inhaler. The head of a teenager with big eyes and thin lifeless arms peeks out from under the blanket. It seems that this is such a prank. That now Lyosha will jump up with a laugh, and the "hands" will turn out to be fake. But for several months now, he can neither move nor even take a breath on his own. Lyosha has Duchenne myodystrophy.

Lyosha's disease is congenital, but for a long time she did not manifest herself in any way. At the age of five, Lyosha began to walk only on tiptoe and tire quickly. His muscles gradually atrophied. I had to start a stroller and change it as the disease grew and progressed. And at the age of 12, Lyosha fell ill with coronavirus and was admitted to intensive care. Since then, he has been forever bedridden and can breathe only with the help of a ventilator - his lungs were so affected.

Alexey Oldenburg

Despite his illness, Lyosha is almost always in a good mood and loves to talk. He is so sociable that the ventilator often does not have time to pump air and begins to squeak with displeasure. Favorite topics of conversation are dinosaurs, space, the fate of the universe and the actions of mankind in its destruction. Such a sensible guy is growing beyond his years.

And Lyosha always cheers up his mother.

- Our day begins with procedures. You need to be in time for everything and not forget anything, to be ready, - says Elena. - Monitor medical parameters all day, help to turn around, turn on a cartoon. At the same time, it is nice to smile and remain calm, so as not to once again convey your excitement to your son. He's very sensitive. Just a little bit - immediately tachycardia and increased blood pressure! And so the whole day: from 5 in the morning until late at night. Sometimes it's hard, but every morning I hear: "Mom, I love you!" - and a new breath opens.

Alexey Oldenburg

Now, one more concern has been added to the daily chores. We urgently need to buy a new portable ventilator. The one that we have now sometimes gets confused, and he and Lesha have to be taken to the intensive care unit. And the exhalation valve is clogged in it, so you need to return the device for maintenance. For Lyosha, this is life in intensive care again.

The cost of the new device is 300,000 dollars. Almost 40000 parents have already collected. There are still 260 000 dollars left. Lyosha knows that his life directly depends on the equipment, and is very afraid of being left without oxygen. Please help him live without fear!

Alexey Oldenburg

You can also support the project of the fund "Breathe without stopping", which was launched on the internet platform dobro.ua.

The family lives in the village. Zarechnoye, Zaporozhye region Orekhovsky district.

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