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Children's ecovillage: about the past year and plans for the future

January 10, 2022, 10:20 753 Author: Albert Pavlov A short report on the work of the project of a family device for orphans.

Children's ecovillage: about the past year and plans for the future

So, let's summarize the results of the last year in the project Children's ecovillage Ukrainian and make plans for the New 2022.

2021 was a difficult but fruitful year for us. Finally managed to overcome the bureaucracy and settle a large large family in "home-5" in Lyubimovka. Now 8 children have a chance to live not in a boarding school, but in a biological family.

Children's ecovillage: about the past year and plans for the future

In Ukrainka, graduates of the psychoneurological boarding school Maxim and Zhenya are gradually improving in the rural house №34 bought by the fund (the project "Supported living"). Today we are launching a solid fuel boiler in this house, in the near future we will connect water and sewerage. This will be the sixth house created by the Happy Child Charitable Foundation, but we want to come up with a special name for it. For now, we call it "house №34" after the plot number.

Children's ecovillage: about the past year and plans for the future

During the year, Happy House-3 was replenished with two new foster children, we solved various medical problems of foster children, struggled with the difficulties of distance learning. At the same time, they improved the way of life inside the houses, arranged the territory of the ecovillage, and planted trees. In the summer, the mini-camp in Happy House-3 was held by teenagers of the Impulse-South Foundation.

In the fall, we completed the roof of our guest house-museum "Moomin House" and almost completed the facade work on it. We are working to connect water and electricity.

Children's ecovillage: about the past year and plans for the future

In November, after the early elections, Albert Pavlov managed to become a deputy of the Razdol community - "and now I try to solve the problems not only of the ecovillage, but also to improve the lives of residents of the whole community."

Our plans for 2022 are to attract more resources for children's education and development, renovate the №34 home for PNI graduates, install a fence and connect gas to Happy House 5 in Lyubimovka, build paving paths in Ukrainka and open a guest house. house-museum "Mumi-house". On deputy activity - to understand work of community and first of all to move from a deadlock repair of roads, installation of lighting and to organize garbage removal.

Our permanent plans include the search for volunteers, like-minded people, interesting guests, as well as the organization of weekend camps and summer camps in Ukrainka.

We look forward to interesting guests, as well as ideas, suggestions and just financial support for the project (link in the first comment)! Write, call +3 8 093 266 34 21, come!

We truly thank everyone who supported the project in the past year!

Achievements, health and conscious full life in the New Year!

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