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Myron Borysov

April 30, 2024, 21:00 32 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua Remedial classes will help Myron adapt to normal life.

Myron Borysov

Myron Borysov, born on 22.08.2018

Diagnosis: Children's autism.

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When Myron was about to be born, his older sister suffered a severe spinal injury and was confined to a wheelchair. It is believed that either the stress during pregnancy or the double entanglement of the umbilical cord, combined with the caesarean section, caused developmental disorders in Myron as well.

Since birth, he has often had a fever. After another episode accompanied by convulsions, Myron ended up in the hospital. There, they discovered a urinary system disorder that caused constant inflammation of the kidneys and threatened their atrophy. The tiny boy endured numerous infusions with various antibiotics until he was six months old and had the opportunity to undergo a complex operation.

Shortly after, Myron fell ill with a severe viral infection. Following this illness, he became indifferent to his relatives and did not notice anything around him. His mother describes him as being "like a doll". The parents consulted with doctors again, and after a genetic examination, he was prescribed a diet without casein, gluten, and sugar. However, Myron still struggled to gain weight and significantly lagged behind in development.

Myron Borysov

At the age of three, Mironov was diagnosed with autism. His life is well described by the prefix "hyper": it is difficult for him to sit in one place, he runs even while eating, and he sleeps poorly. Myron seems to want to play with other children, but all he can do is break and take away toys.

Another source of stress was the full-scale invasion of Russia and the family's relocation from their native Kostyantynivka to Zaporizhzhia. However, this move provided an opportunity for Myron to attend remedial classes at a children's center. Myron greatly enjoys it when specialists praise him, and he works even harder in return!

For Myron's further development, he requires regular sessions with specialists, where he can learn to manage his emotions and communicate with other children. We aim to raise 24,780 hryvnias (630 US dollars) for two months of classes. Please support Myron so that he can have the opportunity to feel comfortable in this world.

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