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July 13, 2020, 20:51 229 Author: Yana Lobanok Nastya will not be able to live without special food, medicines and equipment. Help to provide comfortable living conditions for this wonderful girl!

Nastya Lipka

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Nastya's life can be compared to the wing of a butterfly - she is so fragile. Its existence depends entirely on two tubes. Nastya breathes through one, and eats through the other. The girl cannot live without these catheters in the tracheo and gastrostomy. And also without special food, without medicines, without consumables and equipment. If we translate all these "without" into numbers, we get more than 15,000 hryvnia per month, of which the state allocates a little more than 3 thousand. If not for help from caring people, Nastya would not have lived for a long time.

A true umbilical cord knot is a rare obstetric pathology that occurs in only 1-2% of pregnancies. It was in this percentage that Nastya "got". Without waiting for the planned caesarean section, the knot tightened and blocked the access of oxygen from my mother. The result was prolonged hypoxia, which damaged the baby's brain. Lack of sucking and swallowing reflexes and endless convulsions - in this state Nastya came home. According to doctors' forecasts, she had no more than a year to live. Now Nastya is ten.

Nastya Lipka

Nastya wakes up at 6 am. Dad makes a mixture for her, connects the gastrostomy tube to the pump and goes to get ready for work: his duty ends. During the night, he has to unclog the trachea with an aspirator and turn the daughter over on her side or on her back, at best five times. When Nastya feels bad - about twenty. Dad used to live like this. He does not remember what it is like to sleep without interruption.

In the afternoon, care for Nastya passes to her mother. She treats the stoma with an antiseptic, changes wipes and filters, and cleans the trachea five to twenty times an hour. Every 15 minutes Nastya needs her mother's hands. Due to the curvature of the spine, it is painful and uncomfortable for her to lie in one position.

Mom does not consider all these worries to be difficult. Mom used to live like this. Every day in her head she has thoughts about where to get consumables that are simply not available in Ukraine. For what to buy and how to get special food that will not make Nastya vomit and which is also not available in Ukraine. The quest to find and buy everything you need is exhausting more than taking care of a girl around the clock. Mom is also afraid that their aspirator might break. The one that turns on seventy times a day.

Nastya Lipka

By evening, Nastya is already waiting for her dad - after work, he first of all goes to hug her daughter and takes her outside for a walk. Nastya is surrounded by an aura of boundless love and believes that mom and dad will do everything possible to make her live. And they do. For ten years now. For Nastya and her younger brother and sister.

We cannot turn back time and change destiny. But it is in our power to help provide comfortable living conditions for a wonderful girl. We ask you to support this friendly family!

The purpose of our collection is to purchase medicines, consumables, hygiene products and special food for six months. Everything that can be bought in our country.

4 August at dobro.ua project started "More than love". Therefore, you can help Nastya on the website of our partners.

The family lives in Zaporozhye.

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