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Vitaly Yurchenko

August 24, 2023, 17:50 417 Author: Natalia Moroz deti.zp.ua Fundraising has stopped! Funds for the purchase of a hearing aid have been collected. Thank you very much!

Vitaly Yurchenko

Vitaly Yurchenko, 09.10.2009 the year of birth

Diagnosis: Bilateral sensorineural deafness of the III degree.

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WARNING! AS OF 12/20/2023: Fundraising has stopped! The funds for the purchase of a hearing aid have been collected. Thank you very much!

Vitalik was born at the 25th week of pregnancy, weighing only 960 grams. But how much he was a wanted child! After all, his parents waited 17 years for his appearance! They tried different possibilities, and finally, after long treatment and help from specialists, he was born - such a tiny and the best boy in the world! The doctors did not give much chance, but the family continued to believe in their child!

Until now, with faith in their hearts, the parents continue to support their son. Vitalik underwent an operation to replace the lens, then another one on the kidney. Despite the multitude of defects, this little child survived. He started to develop like everyone else only after three years.

However, there was another problem - Vitalik did not perceive any sound. Examination revealed a new diagnosis: Sensoreneurial deafness of the 3rd degree. In order not to waste time, the boy was immediately provided with hearing aids for free. But many of the words remained unintelligible, and the boy often did not respond to appeals, and therefore did not speak on his own.

At the age of 6, Vitalik's grandfather bought new, more powerful devices for his grandson. It was in them, in cooperation with a deaf teacher, that the boy began not only to hear, but also to pronounce words.

Despite the many diagnoses, today Vitaly is developing at the same level as his peers. Moreover, he has a lot of success in sports! He is one of the best swimmers in the team, the champion and prize-winner of the All-Ukrainian sports competition "Believe in yourself", a finalist of the Championships and Cups of Ukraine, and has the third adult category in swimming.

Vitaly studies in a regular high school class, and almost perfectly! And communication with his peers comes first for him! But remote learning added additional difficulties to the hearing-impaired boy, because he continues to perceive part of the words through his lips.

His old hearing aids have already been repaired several times. So, the time has come again to change them to more modern, high-tech ones, so that they are as suitable as possible for distance learning.

The cost of two hearing aids with consumables $ 4088. Vitaly really deserved a full life, like his peers! Let's help him be happy together!

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