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Zaporizhzhia Regional Children’s Anti-Tuberculosis Sanatorium

April 28, 2009, 10:00 6823 Author: Yana Dereka, Albert Pavlov, translated by Elena Kramarenko The sanatorium is an extended care facility that can admit 100 patients, who suffer from tuberculosis of bones and joints, pulmonary tuberculosis, nontuberculous orthopedic diseases (scoliosis, osteochondropathy)

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The needs of Zaporizhzhia Regional Children’s Anti-Tuberculosis Sanatorium

Information about the sanatorium, was published in 2009

Zaporizhzhia Regional Children’s Anti-Tuberculosis Sanatorium is located in the Zeleny Yar district; it is the only health care facility of this kind in Zaporizhzhia region.

Sixty children are currently staying at the sanatorium, their ages ranging from 3 to 15 years. The sanatorium is an extended care facility that can admit 100 patients, who suffer from tuberculosis of bones and joints, pulmonary tuberculosis, nontuberculous orthopedic diseases (scoliosis, osteochondropathy). The children with hyperergic reactions to Mantoux test and the ones infected with tuberculosis proceed here with their treatment as well.

In sanatorium children are attended by regular doctors; the young patients receive medicamentous therapy, massage, and physical therapy, they also regularly work on therapeutic exercises. There’s also a sanatorium school, so children can attend classes while undergoing their course of treatment; a lesson usually lasts here only 35 minutes.

Many of the sanatorium patients come from problem families, some of them were sent here from boarding schools of the region. A course of treatment usually lasts from 3 to 6 months, though for bed patients it may continue for up to 4 years. After the course termination the children are taken home or sent back to boarding schools. Children without parental care are sickeningly desperate for human communication; they insistently seek for care and attention. At the time of writing this article there were 10 orphaned children in the sanatorium. When a group of Christian youth from the “Avanna” club came to sanatorium for celebration of Christmas in 2008, most of the children were at home with their parents. Fewer than 20 children were left at sanatorium; the volunteers played games and contests with them and presented the children with soft toys and warm scarves. The attention of young volunteers was drawn by a girl called Yulia. Her age could be guessed at five years or so. She had no father, and her mother lived as a tramp. Yulia spent a whole year at the sanatorium, her mother not even once coming to see her. No wonder that when the girl was asked about her mother, she would only cry and not for anything agree to go back to her. A while ago we got to know that Yulia was transferred to Melitopol boarding school; the girl would not hear of leaving the sanatorium – she got very much attached to the doctors and caregivers.

The group of christian youth "Avanna" visits children

The sanatorium is housed in the former kindergarten building; notwithstanding, the playground is not equipped, the pavilions for airings of the children are broken, two volleyball net posts dismally stick out designating the sports ground. The prospective benefactors will have a lot of work to do.

No playroom for children is provided anywhere on the premises of the sanatorium. There are two tennis tables, but there is no room to place them. Children spend most of their leisure hours in the wards. Only when the weather is warm, boys play football in the yard; a ball usually lasts through no more than two weeks. Despite the fact, that the sanatorium is very modestly furnished, the staff treat children kindly; nutrition and medication therapy for the young patients are kept at a sufficiently high level.

Guests sometimes come to the sanatorium, they are: McDonald’s (entertaining and playing games), Bulgarian choir, Christian youth group from the “Avanna” club.

The sanatorium needs:

1. Toys (soft toys, construction sets, board games)

2. Sports goods (footballs, badminton, table tennis rackets and balls)

3. Stationery (white paper, exercise books, pens, pencils, watercolors and gouache paints)

4. Furniture (bedside tables, class furniture, cabinets)

5. Clothes and footwear (there’s shortage of them at the sanatorium, the staff sometimes have to bring clothes, that their own children have grown out of, or buy at their own expense)

6. Wheels for tilting beds (94 hryvnias per wheel, appr. $12)

The persons willing to help are invited to contact the head doctor Roman Vladimirovich Fenenko and the social worker Larisa Nikolaevna, phone numbers: (+3 8 0612) 65 32 42 and (+3 8 0612) 65 16 64

The donations can also be transferred to the account of the Zaporizhzhia “Happy Child” Charitable Foundation. Making a payment, please, specify that the donation is intended for Zaporizhzhia Regional Children’s Anti-Tuberculosis Sanatorium for a charity purpose.

Address of the Zaporizhzhia Regional Children’s Anti-Tuberculosis Sanatorium:

Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia, vul. Chervonopolyanska, 1a.

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