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+$25000 raised to help Zaporizhzhia children in September 2020

November 19, 2020, 18:55 131 Author: Albert Pavlov The results of our work are helping dozens of sick children, purchasing medicines, stationery for large families, and a new child in the children's eco-village.

Friends, together with you we continue to do good, not before the elections, but simply for the sake of less suffering in our life, especially childhood.

The website for helping Zaporizhzhya children Happy Child Foundation did a good job in September 2020, although they raised a little fewer funds than in August. In the first month of autumn, we received donations worth UAH 702,000. These are direction of our work:

Sick children

327,150 hryvnias were spent on the purchase of medicines, equipment, and specialized food for our children with cystic fibrosis. More than 60 patients with cystic fibrosis will receive vital help!

Also, with our support, Vladik Bomogazov was able to travel to Dresden for treatment. He is currently undergoing extensive research and intensive treatment with antibiotics and antifungal drugs.

Also, we finally managed to buy Pari equipment! Money for equipment for three children was raised back in spring with the support of the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace. But, for a long time, the manufacturer did not give it for export, due to the pandemic.

For Viktoria Ivashchenko, suffering from type 1 diabetes, she managed to purchase consumables for an insulin pump, in the amount of 9,000 hryvnia. Victoria's life and sugar is now monitored 24/7. This means that the baby will live for two whole months without loss of consciousness and diabetic lumps!

Yurchenko Violetta, who suffers from stage 4 chronic kidney disease, purchased and sent to Okhmatdet hospital drugs worth more than 2000 hryvnia.

In September, six children were paid for a rehabilitation course for a total of 91,000 hryvnias. Nikita and Gleb Chernoknizhny, Sasha Ostrovsky, Dima Tovarchiy, Alisa Tretyak and Masha Zozulya will take another step forward towards a healthy childhood.

85,000 hryvnia in 18 days! This is about collecting a hearing aid for Miroslava Svetlichnaya. We paid the bill, and this week the girl will put on a hearing aid in her right ear and hear new sounds!

Four children with cancer were paid for MRI and CT examinations, and two children from low-income families were helped to undergo examinations, without which it would have been impossible to establish a diagnosis.

Five children received medicines worth about 4500 hryvnias.

Kostya Panchenko, diagnosed with Klippel-Trenone syndrome, was scheduled to have an external fixation device removed at the end of October. But due to the boy's poor health, it was postponed to early October. We have already purchased medicines worth 5,000 hryvnias.

Help for children's hospitals

An annual set of reagents for allergy testing was purchased at the pulmonology department of the ZOKDB hospital within the framework of the UBB project "Save Children from Allergies!" in the amount of 13 765 UAH

For the department of anesthesia and neonatal resuscitation:

- We paid for a catheter for the introduction of parenteral nutrition for Ruban Milana, a newborn from a low-income family - 1900 UAH.

- Payment for genetic testing for a newborn Marchenko at the Family Reproduction Center - 2 160 UAH

- Helped in purchasing a set of tools - bougie. Bougienage of the esophagus is carried out for children after burns of the esophagus, trauma by foreign bodies and in newborns with congenital atresia of the esophagus. The kit, which has existed in the hospital for about 20 years, has become unusable as a result of repeated sterilization. It cannot be used effectively, especially in children under 1 year of age, and even dangerous for babies whose esophagus is stitched after congenital obstruction! Now, with the new set, several departments will be able to provide medical care efficiently and in a timely manner. (5000 hryvnia)

Helped in the delivery of the vaccine against diphtheria and tetanus (transportation costs) in the amount of 7 364 UAH

A joint project with Maya's Hope to help children with cerebral palsy and other types of disabilities

In September, assistance worth 65,000 was purchased for the beneficiaries of the project.

This amount includes baby food for 24,000, medicines for 11,000, diapers for 14,000, consumables for an insulin pump, a child's wheelchair, orthopedic shoes, an Anti-decubitus mattress with a compressor.

Helping orphans and foster families, as well as the Children's Eco-Village project

Provided assistance in the amount of about 8,000 hryvnias to the foster family (family-type orphanage) Babenko, which brings up five former orphans. Equipped a drain to drain rainwater from the house. We renewed the fence in the courtyard of the house, on which the supports have rotted from time to time.

They helped the foster family of Lilia Timofeeva from the Children's eco-village in paying for travel and expenses associated with adopting another baby (already the 7th in a row!). Sasha is already at home!

In the Moomin-house in the eco-village, we plastered the walls inside the house (2 floors are almost ready), dug a trench to bring communications to the house.

Together with TV5 channel, we made 2 videos about the search for parent-educators in Happy House-3. We met with several candidates for parent-educators. They received guests from Evgeny Sinelnikov's project "Home is Better" (Heads and Tails).

Help with stationery

Thanks to the help of the guys from Cargill, we were able to support the children's department of the TB dispensary, crisis, large, low-income families and families with sick children with wonderful sets of stationery, for a total of 30600 UAH!

Here, in short, are the results of our work in September. In October, with your help, we hope to "become magicians" for dozens of Zaporozhye children and help a greater number of those in need. Indeed, the duration and quality of life of children suffering from cystic fibrosis and oncological diseases, the number of orphans in families and their living conditions depend on our help. The equipment of children's hospitals, which our children can get to, depends on us.

So, let's continue and strive for the best!

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