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Nikita Burlai: "I'm going to first grade!"

August 6, 2021, 16:11 155 Author: Natalia Moroz Most children with cerebral palsy are aware of their defect, look at healthy peers and suffer not only physically, but also psychologically, because with age they begin to feel their limitations.

Burlai Nikita


This year Burlai Nikita will become a first grader! He will study in an inclusive class of a regular school and is already intensively preparing for this new stage of life. And this is non-stop rehabilitation. Since the beginning of 2021, Nikita's life is still on the road: hippotherapy classes at the "Sprout of Life" center to improve the functioning of the vestibular apparatus and 2 courses at the "Space Clinic" center in Kharkov, then - complex treatment in the Odessa sanatorium "Khadzhibey" and in the Dnepropetrovsk "John Center".

Burlai Nikita

Nikita's successes are amazing! He can read, count. A little more difficult with writing, but this is due to the strong tone in the pens. The spasticity with which he has been fighting for 7 years, thanks to constant rehabilitation, is reduced. And this is clearly seen in comparison with previous years. But due to the growth of the child, the spastic process resumes again. Therefore, the current rehabilitation is an intermediate and most important stage of preparation for a very important operation that is awaiting Nikita.

The purpose of a selective dorsal rhizotomy is to relieve muscle spasticity and reduce pain. The operation is based on the removal of the vertebral plate to act on the nerve roots. After the procedure, a significant increase in the motor range is noted, which means successful correction of the spastic syndrome.

Burlai Nikita

Angela Burlai: “Today such spinal cord surgeries are not performed in Ukraine. Yes, and in the world, too, not everywhere, but they are able to save a child from spasticity forever. The physically stronger the child is, the faster he will recover from the operation. That is why rehabilitation is so important for us now. I am sure that Nikita will be able to walk on his own without pain and spasticity, and in the future to be independent. But so far we are only at the beginning of fundraising for surgery and rehabilitation at the children's clinic in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, and we cannot stop training. Therefore, today we are asking for help in paying for classes in the "Space Clinic" in Kharkov. "

Rehabilitation cost 1190 dollars

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