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A minute of silence: let's honor the father-educator of the family-type orphanage from Rubizhny Vitaly Tselukhin

August 27, 2022, 17:55 135 freeradio.com.ua At 9 a.m. every day in Ukraine, citizens who died as a result of Russia's actions are commemorated. This time, let's remember Vitaly Tselukhina from Rubizhny, who was a parent-educator of a family-type orphanage.

Фото: evacuation.city

Photo: evacuation.city

Vitaly Tselukhin created a foster family in 2011, and then founded a family-type orphanage. He was a foster father to two of his own and 9 adopted children. The youngest is 3 years old, and the oldest is 16.

"The children loved being with dad, because it's fun and interesting with him, especially in the summer at the apiary. With dad, you can fish, swim, go on excursions to other cities," recalls Vitalii's wife, Iryna.

When Russia openly invaded Ukraine, almost the entire family was evacuated to Prykarpattia. Vitaly was the only one who stayed in Rubizhny to protect the house and volunteer.

On March 30, the Russian military set fire to the quarter where the house was. The wife says that Vitaly climbed onto the roof and tried to put out the fire during the shelling. However, the next shell killed the man. In total, 15 shells flew into that house.

The daughter of the deceased Alyon says that this strike was targeted, because the Russian military could have known that the Tselukhin family was pro-Ukrainian, and together with other activists, they opened a headquarters of aid and terror defense.

Фото: evacuation.city

Фото: evacuation.city

Photo: evacuation.city

Vitaly Tselukhina's wife says that her husband left too soon. He still had to teach his children to drive, repair furniture and just live.

Let's honor Vitaly Tselukhin with a moment of silence.

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