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A super 2016 summer holiday… we want to give you an update of the summer’s activities!

October 1, 2016, 15:00 3289 Author: Olesya Kulakova, translated by Andrei Vernon deti.zp.ua The adventure and tourism project, “Yarn,” is pleased to tell you all about their summer.

Our Report

The summer of 2016 was full of action, sun and memories. In the beginning of June our young travelers went off to Kyiv, went on a three-day excursion to Khortytsia Island and took another trip lasting seven days at the Sea of Azov. In the end of June we had our first seven-day camp at Grand Meadow and, of course, took the annual hike to the top of Hoverla. During the months of July and August “Yarn” hosted two summer camps – Children’s Village), There were two excursions to Hoverla. In the beginning of September we went on the long-awaited and challenging Marmoroshsyii Ridge.

Some photos of our trips

The opening of the summer season at the sea.

Photo report: Camp “Yarn on the hat”

Camp at the Grand Meadow

Photo report: Camp “Sunny Yarn”

Children’s Village

Photo report: Campground “Sunny Yarn”

Hoverla 2016 – First Excursion

Photo report: Hoverla – June 2016

Hoverla 2016 – Second Excursion

Photo report: Hoverla – July 2016

Hoverla 2016 – Third Excursion

Photo report: Hoverla – August 2016

Our youngest participants

Photo report: Sea of Azov

While some were in class already, we were hiking

Photo report: Marmoroshsyii Ridge


The videos were taken by the one and only Liza Ovcharenko

We want to say “thank you” to everyone that was connected to our trip to the Carpathian Mountains. Thank you to our readers, donors, volunteers and staff for making not only this event, but also all of this past summer’s events such a success. We will never forget all the games we played on our trips, blackberry and raspberry gathering, the heavy backpacks and the wonderful sun. You, the group Smile, will always be in our hearts. Until next time!

Here is a short clip of our trip.

Letters Sent to Us

Marina Penkova, a young participant

Yesterday we returned from the most magnificent, memorable trip to the Carpathian Mountains. It is such an unusual place in Ukraine and I am so happy that we were able to go there. The trip started off by meeting everyone at the train station. We then met our guide Sergey Valentinovich and guides. We then picked up all of our stuff and started making our way.

Upon arriving in the Carpathian region we were taken away by the beauty. The grass was green, the water like crystal, wooden homes and fresh air and the smell of pine needles. Each day we learned and experienced something new about the region. The most memorable day was when we made it to Nesamovite Lake and made it to the top of Hoverla. We were very fortunate to have such a good group. Everyone was amicable and going - we all had a great time talking during the long hikes.

Before making it home we stopped by the city of Lviv. Lviv is a fairytale. It is an unbelievably beautiful city. Each step you take there is something interesting to see. I have never seen such a large selection of chocolate and coffee in my life.

I want to say thank you very much to everyone that made our trip possible. I want to individually thank Sergey Valentinovich and our guides – Vasiliy, Yulia, Dima and our nurse Kostya. Thank you for the wonderful conversations and time spent together!

Varvara Ovcharenko, a young participant

We had a great time in the Carpathian Mountains! The mountains were more than I expected and I never imagined that I would go to the highest point in Ukraine. I wouldn’t say it was easy, but I can say that it was worth it. I will never forget the 20-kilo backpack, 12 hours of hiking and cold nights. I want to say thank you to the friends we made on this trip for their support, memories and pleasant mood despite the challenges. I hope that we will meet again and climb to the top of Hoverla one more time!

Maiya Hodireeva, “Yarn’s” best friend

When I was an instructor in Crimea I had an excursion had “Where the River Starts.” We started the trip by walking to the top of the mountain gorge, where there was a spring. We would then follow it down until the creek and make sure to not fall into the lake. We went a little further and watched how the thin trickle of water grew, gaining strength as it joined forces with other streams, we then watched as the creek turns into a river and were in awe at the beauty. It was one of the children’s favorite trips.

After this journey we took a break and rested at the Klim Eco Village. I decided to show them how to grown corn and we would take a mini field trip into the cornfields. This was one of my son’s favorite moments of the trip. After returning to camp we heard about Albert and were invited to his garden. There he showed us how he grows melons and gave us a few for dinner. The offer was so generous and the kids – small and large – were very excited.

Our new friends

This summer we met some very cool girls – Yulia and Anisa. We were very happy to have them as part of our team.

Anisa Tkachyuk

Yuliya Kleha

Now on to the numbers…

We had 316 children from various backgrounds take part in our summer camps. Over that – 60% of participants were very happy with the trips, 30% were satisfied and 10% were unsatisfied.

The Tourism Project “Yarn” sincerely thanks all of our friends that spent time with us and financially support us to make all of these trips possible! Thank you for helping us!

We have a lot of plans this year. If you would like to stay up-to-date on all our events you can follow us on both VKontakte and Facebook.

We are always looking for volunteering – guides, leaders of our roundtables, artists and artisans (if you are able to create things with your hands and would like to work with children – write us), musicians (we really need you!), photographers and volunteers that have their own vehicle.

We will be glad to answer any of your questions by calling us at +38 068 635 86 65, 063 498 70 50 (Olesia) or write us at info@klubok.org.ua.

Welcome to our club!

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