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Hearing aids changed children's lives

December 20, 2020, 23:28 614 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua This year we have at least three more happy families!

Hearing aids changed children's live

Miroslava Svetlichnaya first heard with both ears. Timosha Lopushnyak I learned how my mother's voice sounds. And for Dani Duzhika the world around us is now less disturbing. Hearing aids have changed the lives of these children!

The guys are united by one ailment - severe hearing impairment. To live in the world of sounds, each of them needs a modern hearing aid: Miroslava - for one ear, Timosha and Dana - for both. The cost of hearing aids from 50 to 85 thousand hryvnia seemed fantastic for each of these families. They would not be able to buy the devices on their own soon. If only I could. During this time, the development of children could significantly lag behind, and the auditory nerve could atrophy.

Hearing aids changed children's live

The story of each child resonated in your hearts. We are immensely happy that together we made so many families happy! Dani and Timosha now have a chance to learn how to talk, and Miroslava - to develop on a par with their peers. Together, we were able to pay bills worth about 200,000 hryvnia! This amount is not just the price of sounds for children. This is the price of correct speech, full communication, and life “without barriers” for many years!

Violetta Kim

Friends, today another girl is waiting for the New Year's miracle. Violetta is hard of hearing, and she also needs modern hearing aids. Even now, partial hearing loss affects the development of the baby. Please support Violetta! Give her a chance not to find herself in a world of silence - a world of danger, misunderstanding, and possibly rejection.

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