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Magic cells for Maryika Sokolova

In September, the girl received another portion of stem cells.

October 6, 2022, 20:55 191
Some news from the front of our work

Medicines and food were handed over to sick children and adults, as well as to our defenders.

October 6, 2022, 19:55 186
It became known what the Khortytsa Rehabilitation Academy looks like after the shelling

A few days ago, another enemy missile damaged a number of civilian objects in the city.

October 5, 2022, 14:45 215
A meeting of non-governmental organizations of Zaporizhzhia with UN representatives took place

They voiced the achievements and weaknesses of the military life of the non-state sector, planned further communication at the cluster level.

October 4, 2022, 18:05 137
Masha Zozulya, born in 2013 - Wolff-Hirshhorn Syndrome

Regular classes for girl are the key to further development!

September 30, 2022, 13:25 1701
We make the "right" shelter

Purchased the first twenty folding beds in the bomb shelter.

September 29, 2022, 14:25 249
News in the treatment of Ilyusha Khrebtov

Наш герой прошел обследование в Запорожской детской больнице.

September 24, 2022, 16:25 196
Help feed Ukrainians!

Our goal is to purchase 1,000 kg of meat for a temporary accommodation center for IDPs.

September 21, 2022, 20:25 299
In the Zaporizhzhia region, 47 children have already suffered as a result of the war

According to the official information of juvenile prosecutors, 391 children died and more than 764 were injured of various degrees of severity.

September 21, 2022, 20:05 181
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